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Why a Subscription Instead of a Lifetime Purchase?

A subscription model was chosen for iLightShow for several key reasons.

Focus on Existing Users

Prioritizing improvements for loyal users rather than solely trying to attract new ones allows the developer to concentrate on enhancing the app’s features and performance for those who already enjoy it. iLightShow is developed by a single person, and a subscription model enables the developer to focus on the app’s existing user base.

Server Costs

Subscriptions help cover the costs of the servers needed for iLightShow’s features. While version 1 and 2 of iLightShow did not require important server infrastructure, version 3 introduced new features that require more resources (FX+). This ongoing cost can’t be covered by a one-time purchase at a reasonable price.


Developing iLightShow is a full-time endeavor that involves constant innovation and upkeep. A subscription model supports this continuous effort, making it possible to sustain and advance the app’s quality over time.

For example, version 3 of iLightShow took more than 2 years to develop and required a significant investment in time and resources.

Long-term Viability

A lifetime purchase limits the ability to fund future updates and features. Subscriptions ensure the ongoing improvement of iLightShow well into the future.

Ongoing Maintenance

The app requires regular updates to remain compatible with the latest iOS and lighting firmware. This ongoing work ensures that iLightShow always performs at its best.

Thank you for supporting iLightShow, allowing for the provision of a continually evolving and high-quality app.

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