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Individual Settings

You can set individual settings for each light. This is useful if you want to decrease the brightness of a specific light or to disable fast effects for a specific light.

To access the individual settings, click on the 3 dots () icon next to the light you want to change the settings for.


You can change the min/max values of the brightness of a specific light by moving the lower and upper bounds of the slider. The brightness can be set between 0% and 100%.

Ambient mode

You can enable or disable the ambient mode for a specific light. If the ambient mode is enabled, the light will stop receiving fast effects and will only get smooth effects.

If some Philips Hue lights are not compatible with the Entertainment protocol they will automatically be set to ambient mode. Same if you have more than 10 Hue lights selected for a single Philips Hue bridge.

Light groups (master/slave)

iLightShow 3 brings a new feature that allows you to create light groups. A group is composed of a master light and one or more slave lights. The master light will be the one that will receive the effects and the slave lights will follow the master light. This option can be useful if you want to group lights of the same fixture for example.

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