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Effect Modes

Party with iLightShow

Advanced Effects FX+

FX+ screenshot

Advanced mode brings a new set of effects that improve the overall experience of the light show. These FX+ effects are designed to react to the beats, drums, percussions, mood, energy and more.

Advanced mode also allows you to enable the improved microphone auto-calibration feature in the microphone menu. This feature is only available in advanced mode.

Strobe at drops

This option will make the light strobe at the drops of the song. It will detect the drops and strobe the light at the right time.

White Strobe

This option will use white strobes for the option above (strobe at drops) for a more intense effect.

Standard Effects

Standard effects correspond to the effects that were available in version 2 of iLightShow. These effects are available to all users. The only difference with version 2 is that the “Party Mode” option is now the default behavior and can’t be disabled (legacy effects have been removed).

Color Fades

This effect enables or disabled slow color transitions (for example, from red to blue). Transitions might pass through unwanted colors in the process for certain lights (especially LIFX lights).


This effect makes the light pulse to the beat of the music. A pulse is a quick change in brightness and then a smooth fade back to the original brightness.

Extra flashes

This effect adds extra flashes to the light show when the energy is high. A flash is a quick increase in brightness followed by another quick drop in brightness.

Extra strobes

This effect adds extra strobes to the light show when the energy is high. This won’t be triggered at beatdrops like the strobe at drops effect with FX+.

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