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Migrate to V3

Version 3 of iLightShow is a major update that brings a brand new user interface and some new features to the App.

User Interface

The user interface has been completely redesigned to be more modern and user-friendly. Some options have been moved to other places to make the app more intuitive.


Presets have been moved from the “customize” tab to the “settings” menu. Instead of only managing effects options like brightness and colors, it now also includes the music settings and the selected lights. This allows you to save the current state of the app and restore it later.

Unfortunately, I was not able to migrate the presets from the previous version to the new one. You will have to recreate them manually.

For more information, see the Presets & Shortcuts documentation.

Party Mode renamed to Standard Mode

The “Party mode” option is now enabled by default and cannot be disabled. The effects without this party mode were considered legacy and not very usable. This Party mode has been renamed to “Standard mode” or “Standard effects”.

This new “Standard mode” includes the same options as the previous “Party mode”:

  • Fades (ON/OFF)
  • Pulses (ON/OFF)
  • Extra Flashes (ON/OFF)
  • Extra Strobes (ON/OFF)

For more information, see the Standard Effects documentation.

Generic options

Generic options like brightness, intensity, colors and effects size have been moved to the main screen. They are shared between the “Standard mode” and the new “Advanced mode”.

The Intensity option is no longer a slider. Instead, you have the option to chosse from “Chill”, “Normal” and “Intense”.

Advanced Mode

The “Advanced mode” is a new mode that allows you to sync the lights to beats, drums, mood, etc, with a better accuracy. This is the most powerful mode of the app and it is recommended for users who want the best results.

For more information, see the Advanced Effects documentation.

Grouping lights with the “Master/Slave” mode

If you have a fixture with multiple lights, you can group them together with the new “Master/Slave” mode. This mode allows you to sync the lights together, so they will have the same colors and effects.

For more information, see the Master/Slave mode documentation.

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