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Sync iLightShow to Apple Music 🎵

  1. Select the Apple Music option from the list of music sources in iLightShow.

  2. Play some music from the Apple Music app on your device, make sure you don’t stream the music to AirPlay devices to start the sync. See the section below to use AirPlay.
    • The music has to come from the Apple Music library on your device OR
    • The music can come from your local music library, if tracks have been downloaded on your device
    • The music can’t be played from another device, it has to be played on the device running iLightShow

  3. iLightShow will automatically start the light show

Stream to AirPlay devices 🛜

You can AirPlay the music to non-Apple devices using the iOS control center or the Music app as you normally do.

However, if you plan to AirPlay to Apple devices like HomePods or Apple TVs, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the music is playing on your device, without streaming it to AirPlay devices.

  2. Open iLightShow, which will detect the playback and start the light show.

  3. Open the music menu from iLightShow and tap “Start AirPlay”

  4. Select a Speaker to stream the music to

  5. Once the AirPlay stream is started, you can control the music from the Apple Music app or the iOS control center as usual, including adding more speakers to the AirPlay group.

Limitations ⚠️

  • iLightShow can’t sync to music that is not played on the device running the app.
  • Long mixed or podcasts are not supported.

Troubleshooting 🛠️

If you’re having trouble syncing iLightShow to Apple Music, here are some tips to help you:

  1. Please make sure you’ve granted the access to Apple Music and that you’re playing the music from the official Apple Music for iOS.

  2. If you want to stream the music to a HomePod, please use Airplay. Apple doesn’t offer any development kit for the homepod, using Airplay is the only way to get enough information about the current song/playback.

  3. If you want to stream the music to some Sonos speakers, you can either use the same method as described for the HomePod above, or use the official Sonos App. If you use the official Sonos App, please select the Sonos speaker from the list of Streaming services.

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